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Looks and sounds beautiful with consistent style. 

I had an issue with tiling probably due to auto-fullscreening to my ultrawide aspect monitor.  I suggest allowing launcher and locking allowed aspects to the stuff you worked with in Unity editor.

Took me a while to realise I had to press right to run and that I could fire and so I struggled a bit haha, not sure if that's what you're going for or if you had hoped everyone had played Mood Patrol.  I know it's easy to forget that stuff on those super-short projects.

My only real gripe is with the itch page: I would like to see credits for the audio and font authors and not just the website that you accessed them.

Would love to play more when I have time because the art style is so creepy and intriguing. I just imagine a boss battle or something popping up under the right conditions, Lylat Wars-style.  <3

Thanks so much Joshua for the feedback, I've updated the build with some adjustments :) Unfortunately I ran out of time to add more game play but someday I'd love to add in a few more levels and definitely a boss battle!

Very much looking forward to your future work too Sey ;)