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A Thief’s Way is a 3D voxel art stealth and puzzle indie arcade game. Inspired by the popular games Thief 4 and Dishonored. The game is dark and ominous, with tense game play and short downtime periods. The player finds themselves trapped in prison and will need to use stealth and solve block puzzles to manoeuvre and escape from each level. They will make their way out of the prison and through the city sewers to get back home to their safe house.

A game by

 Glitched Voxels

Sey Atkinson

Project Lead,  Lead  Game Design, 

Extended Visual Programming, 3D Artist & UI 

Ben Drury

Lead Programming & Game Design

Stephen Rumph & Brea Pringle

Audio & SFX

Install instructions

Download, unzip and play!


A Thief's Way.zip 27 MB


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I love stealth games, this was awesome.