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EverLight is a 3D single player adventure game. Inspired by indie titles Abzu, Forerunner, Sanctuary and Beautiful. This game expresses the feeling of home within a person and finding community.

Play as a spirit orb on your way home with your companion journeying into a dark cave. Your are suddenly separated and will need to find another way through. You will maneuver through the cave system until reunited with your companion. Once together again, you will make your way out of the cave and into a magical forest where you will find a secret community just where you belong.

Everlight was made by Threedust Games for the SAE Studio 2 Home Brief. This project was made over 5 weeks and collaborated with Audio and Animation disciplines.


Project Manager & Programmer:

Ethan Tilley - EthanTilley

Creative Director & Game Designer:

Sey Atkinson - SeyAtkinson

Audio Engineer:

Brea Pringle - abductionproduction


Luke Jarrett - MrHuffnPuff

Ioan Stan - Altar Ruins Free

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Everlight (Win) V1.2.zip 43 MB
EverLight (Mac)V1.2.app.zip 49 MB

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EverLight is an awesome experience great visuals very calming music to play with. Gameplay was straight to the point and wasn't boring at all, i had a fun time playing i would recommend it to my friends and was worth checking out, Awesome Work from the Team behind the game my rating for the game would be a 10 :)

Thanks so much for your feedback Connor! We are so glad you enjoyed playing :D


A really beautiful and relaxing game. We enjoyed it very much.

Here is a short video we made while playing:

Thanks Vampirschi! We are so glad you enjoyed it! <3




This game was soo cool! The lack of consequences on failure made the whole challenge a really good experience!





Well, I had a play and i've got say that I am really glad I did. I enjoyed every minute. It's looks good, plays really well and that backing track was just something else. Then when I got home ...... I can't spoil it.

Good luck DEVS


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Thanks for taking the time to play and record it wobbly! 

The team and I are glad you enjoyed it!

An interesting and fresh representation of the home brief Sey! It has a 'Flower' vibe to it which I really appreciated, nice job on this one!

Thank you Nic!

One of your most beautiful games . Reminds me a little bit of the game Flower. The best moment was for me when I catched up with my light friend again and have done these cool spiral rolls. The next highlight were the additional friends around me. I guess they are friends. It felt like it. :D

The one thing I found a bit odd was that at the beginning you were pushed by something and it has a kind of challange character and of this reaseon you got sometimes a giant rock in your view. Your last games had  more freedom I think. Because to explore and fly around was one of the great things at the end.  And the camera can be a bit improved in the last area. More a smooth follow maybe?

A big praise to the composer.  The sounds are fits perfect to this dreamy atmosphere. :)

 Thanks so much for your feedback. We are looking into improvements. The team and I are glad you enjoyed it! :)