A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This is a short videogame adaptation and representation of Zicong Wu's painting, Sinking. 

"'Sinking' expresses the disappearance of my childhood memories. When my grandfather died, his home was renovated and rented out. In my painting, objects from his home, are sinking into the deep water noiselessly. The room is without windows and doors to represent that memories disappear from life silently and unnoticed. The room is newly painted representing the renovation of his old home, preparing for the unknown lodger's new life and the obliteration of mine. " - Zicong Wu Artist Statement

This videogame experience is dedicated to my grandfather, Allan Miller. Who passed 3 years ago today. (16.6.2015)


Sinking.zip 79 MB
Sinking.zip 85 MB

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