A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Feeling  sluggish and unmotivated? It's time to get battle ready - Play Warrior to get your adrenaline pumping and be ready to take on any task.

Warrior is a 3 minute energising VR experience set in an underground cave environment  with bubbling, rock-spitting magma, spikey stalagmites and circling bats. Ready your sword and defend yourself now from the rock-firing gargoyles!

For VR only.


Sey Atkinson- Project Lead, Vision Holder &  Game Designer

Coby Jennings - Lead Programmer, Gargoyle Animator & 3D Artist

Environment & Sword  from  Generic Low Poly Pack

Bat & Shield Sourced from Google Poly

Audio Sourced from Freesound.org & Edited by Sey Atkinson


Erika Verkaaik, Grey Quincey, Dillon Curry & Caleb Otto-Hayes


Warrior-Win-x64 (Desktop).zip 96 MB
Version 3 56 days ago
Warrior.apk 55 MB
Version 1 56 days ago


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Hi, the game actually runs great on the quest! Why not add it to Sidequest? We would love to see your game there :)


oculus quest?

We should have Quest support, however you'll have to side-load it and as we don't own an Oculus Quest it may have some bugs. If you have any issues please do reply to this comment and we'll try to get them fixed as soon as possible. 

works great

Awesome, thank you for verifying.