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Humanity as we know it, is gone. Earth's population failed to change their ways and stop polluting their planet. Reaching a point of no return, as a final attempt to save humanity, the Earth's pollution was released into Space. However, this plan failed and lead to the extinction of mankind, leaving all of their junk behind to float noiselessly into Space. 

Though as the old saying goes "one person's junk is another person's treasure." A young curious mind has found settlement on the Earth’s moon. Discovering what was once and what might have been.

Wasted Space is a 3D walking simulator exploration game, heavily driven by the games soundtrack and player exploration. Play as an unknown being who explores the vast landscapes of the moon, discovering and collecting junk left behind by humanity. There are several items scattered across the landscape, the player are able to use some very special items and others, well are just junk really.

After this game, it is hoped that the player would feel empowered with the knowledge they have gained of a hypothetical scenario, showing what the damage of plastic and pollution could truly cause.

Wasted Space was made as a collaboration project between Audio and Games disciplines at SAE Institute Brisbane.

Original Concept By: Breanna Pringle


Breanna Pringle: Creative Director & Lead Audio Designer

Seychelle Atkinson: Project Lead, Lead Game Designer, Lead Game Programming, 2D Artist, Visual Effects &  UI Design.

Jenna Bramham: 3D Artist 

Assets: Low Poly Rock Pack,Scifi Stylised Modular Pack,  Real Stars Skybox , Camera, Sunglasses, Torch, Soft Drink Can, Plastic Water Bottle , GloveRing,Guitar, Rubix Cube, Dog, Space Helmet, Spaceship, Space Rover, Floppy Discs, Keg, Printing Calculator, Cinderblock, Bucket, Garbage Bin, Cooking Pot, Toothbrush, Backpack, Science Tubes, Typewriter, Toolbox.

Ben Drury, Iain McManus, Ashley Muir & Aaron Williams

Install instructions

Download, Unzip and Play!

If you don't have a really fast computer or good GPU, set your graphics quality to low just in case. You might get low fps otherwise. (sorry we are learning about optimisation!)


WASD to move

SPACE to jump
LSHIFT to sprint
Camera to look around 

LEFT CLICK to pick up & drop
RIGHT CLICK while holding item to inspect

E to use items
R to store items in inventory
T to throw

Tab for Inventory
Click and drag items out of inventory to drop 

Esc to Pause

The game is very much in alpha so a lot of the player feedback is missing. You are able to take screen shots in game with the camera item, just pick it up press e and left click to take pictures. 

You are able to find those picture in the applications folders: Wasted Space - Existential Games_Data/screenshots

The sunglasses can be taken off by removing the item from your inventory and put on by pressing e when holding.


Wasted Space - Existential Games V1.1.zip 44 MB
Wasted Space (MAC) - Existential Games V1.1.app.zip 53 MB

Development log


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I think the overall meaning is pretty clear, but I wasn't quite sure what the game wanted to be. (I don't usually read the blurbs) But I had a nice relaxing time and was afforded the opportunity to talk about something I love. 

Thanks so much  CoalFire! You were on point, there is no real aim to the game. Just to find yourself in a different place, finding and interacting with the random items, and absorbing your surroundings.  Thanks again for playing!